Howell Soccer Club

Welcome to Howell's TOPSoccer Special Needs Program!
Beginning in Fall 2018, Howell Soccer Club will be implementing The Outreach Program for Soccer (TOPSoccer). TOPSoccer is a grassroots initiative that contributes to safe and inclusive environment for child athletes with special needs and abilities. TOPSoccer is built on the support and involvement of the community with TOPSoccer Buddies that volunteer to work with these athletes. Our governing organization, NJ Youth Soccer will provide a four hour training clinic for coaches and a two hour training clinic for "buddies", that will teach best practices to interact with diverse athletes.
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    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.
    Important Dates
    Fall '18 Reg. Open - Jun. 15
    Early Reg. Rates End - Jul. 15
    Late Fee Rates Start - Aug. 10
    Fall '18 Start - Sep. 8
    Fall '18 End - Nov. 3
    Season Dates
    Week 1 - Sep. 8
    Week 2 - Sep. 15
    Week 3 - Sep. 22
    Week 4 - Sep. 29
    Week 5 - Oct. 6
    Week 6 - Oct. 13
    Week 7 - Oct. 20
    Week 8 - Oct. 27
    Week 9 - Nov. 3

    In the event Nov. 3 is rained out, Nov. 10 will be used as a make-up.
    Downs Syndrome and/or AAI
    Players with Downs Syndrome and/or Atlanto-Axial Instability (AAI) require a certification from one physician with no positive results and two physicians certifications for athletes with positive results.

    Who is Eligible to Play?
    • Preliminary Registration is open to all special needs children from 4 years old through the 12 years old.
    • Your child must be 4 years old at the start of the season.
    • Children are not assigned to teams, but will be divided into groups based on ability - not age in groups of 5.
    • Each group gets one coach and every two athletes gets one buddy (can be 1:1 if accommodation is needed).
    • Since there is a 2:1 buddy system, this program is limited to accepting the proportional amount of players as there are buddies.
    • Players with Downs Syndrome and/or Atlanto-Axial Instability (AAI) require a certification from one physician with no positive results and two physicians certifications for athletes with positive results.
    Program Structure

    TOPSoccer will consist of the following structure:

    • 1 Hour Per Week Total; 9 Weeks
    • 40 Minutes of Activities/Stations with Coaches/Buddies
    • 20 Minutes of 4v4 or 5v5 Games with Coaches/Buddies
    • Each Week has a Specific Focus, including but not limited to:
      • Passing
      • Shooting
      • Dribbling
      • Trapping
      • Team Communication
    • Players are divided into groups no greater than 5.
    • Each group has 1 coach and 2-to-3 buddies.
    • Players are grouped by ability, not age
    Where Do We Play?

    All of our games are played at Oak Glen Park in Howell, NJ. Oak Glen Park is located on Preventorium Road near the Howell Township Library, Public Works, and Police Department. All activities with this program will take place on Field 5, where there is a fence to keep players located in one safe area.

    Volunteer Program Information

    Howell Soccer Club does not require families registered for this program to participate in the volunteer program. Should the family have other players in club that participate outside of the TOPSoccer program, that family will still be responsible for completing the volunteer requirement.

    Registration Fees
    For a special needs athlete, there are no registration fees! TOPSoccer Buddies are able to volunteer without cost. Coaches must be TOPSoccer Certified by NJ Youth Soccer; that requires a $25 registration fee, refunded by HSC.
    Wait List Policy
    Howell Soccer Club will implement a wait list should the program reached a maximum capacity based on the number of volunteers that have registered. Howell Soccer Club can not expand the program if there are not enough coaches/volunteers to ensure the safety and welfare of the players.

    The wait list is on a first come first serve basis. Your spot is not guaranteed. If you are accepted from the wait list, you will be notified via email.
    Code of Conduct

    For more information about HSC please visit our website at All parents & players must abide by the "State of New Jersey Model Athletic Code of Conduct".

    Additional Information
    Coaches will contact players by September 1, 2018, with team and practice information. HSC will supply all players with a team shirt and socks.

    During the game, all players are required to wear their team shirt, black shorts, shin guards, socks that cover shin guards, and cleats (Future Stars Divisions may wear sneakers). ABSOLUTELY NO jewelry (rings, chains, watches, earrings), hard plastic or metal items in hair, or braces/casts on arms or legs are permitted.