Howell Soccer Club

Risk Management
Our Program

Howell Soccer Club strvies to implement a comprenhensive and cohesive risk amangement program that ensures the safety of our players and members.

Emergency Action Plan

Howell Soccer Club is currently reforming the Emergency Action Plan for incidents that may occur while our members or staff are present at our events/venues. HSC will continue to take intentional steps to protect the welfare of all of our members and guests.


Pursuant to Howell Township Ordinance 0-02-20, Howell Soccer Club is required to have all coaches and assistant coaches undergo a criminal background check before being assigned a coaching position.

If you have been fingerprinted for another Howell youth sports program and your background check is still valid until a date after June 11, 2016, you do not have to complete the process at this time. To verify if you are in an approved status please visit the Howell Township Website and search for your name. If you have been fingerprinted in the last 6 months you can also check the Instant Verification website, click on Howell and then scroll down and click on the 'Please Click Here' link under the Approved List.

If you have not been fingerprinted for a Howell youth sports program or your background check has expired or will expire before the end of the season (06/11/2016) you must:

  1. Download and complete the Universal Fingerprint Form (form posted 3/30/16). Enter N11007 in Box #7.
  2. Schedule an appointment at a Morpho Track Location.
  3. Fingerprinting Instructions are available.

Results will be routed to Instant Verification where they will be posted on a site for our review. For questions, please contact our Director of Operations.

Please note that Howell Township Ordiance does not allow for the organization to pay for/reimburse the submitter for the background check. After completion of the appointment, please submit the following to the Director of Operations:

(1) Completed Universal Fingerprint Form
(2) Receipt to prove attendance of the appointment.

Components of R.M. Program
- Background Checks
- Emergency Action Plan
- Facilities Maintenance Checks
- Health Inspections
- Concussion Protocols
- Waivers/Liabilities
- Accident Prevention